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Black Talent Initiative empowers Black Leaders of today and tomorrow through programs, events, resources and tools, specifically designed to support their career development and advancement.


reasons to join BTI:

Join a movement that is working towards challenging anti-Black racism in the workplace and beyond.
Create impact that supports Black talent career journeys.
Opportunities to mentor and support the next generation of Black leaders.
Enhance your organization’s Diversity Equity Inclusion Belonging (DEIB) strategy and journey.
Extend community and development opportunities to your organizations Black employees.
Opportunity to be a lead sponsor in our community events and activities.
Share your organization’s career opportunities with our community.
Network and connect with other organizations to enhance your reach and brand recognition.
The Community pillar is a membership space created for networking, content sharing, learnings and teachings on a variety of issues and topics affecting the Black community led by Black leaders and change makers. Pivotal topics supporting organizations in addressing their diversity, equity and inclusion strategy.

Overview of  Organizational Annual Membership

Venture Membership
Organizational membership which creates the possibility for greater impact and unlocks higher investment to support the achievement of BTI’s pillars.
Bridge Builder Membership
Organizational membership that helps to forge community ties and create influence for other brands to join BTI’s movement and support our mandate.
Change Maker Membership
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Individual Annual Membership

A self-identified Black individual as part of BTI’s Talent community*, seeking career empowerment and advancement at any stage of their journey.
*Waived membership fee 
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