Take your first OR next step and invest in your career journey
At BTI, we are an open community. We want to invite Black talent of all backgrounds, skills, and interests to join us. BTI’s community includes a vast network of Black professionals, allies, and organizations all committed to a shared common vision. Joining BTI as a talent member means being connected to a wider community of individuals who want to help build a world where Black talent can thrive. 
We encourage our talent to share our values, we continue to work to educate and embed our values in all our engagement opportunities.
Here are some benefits to becoming a BTI Talent Member:
Access to job opportunities from the BTI partners and members
First access to specially curated talent programs to provide career support that fosters your growth and success
New contacts, exposure and referrals, both professionally and personally 
Exclusive access to BTI’s learning, networking and professional events
First access to mentorship from leaders in various industries
First access to exclusive offerings and discounts from BTI ecosystem to empower and advance you professionally and personally